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Congratulations to Dr. Jodi Tinkel of the Parkview Cardiology Clinic for earning our Parkview Exceptional Provider Award! In the 17 years she has been practicing cardiology, Dr. Tinkel has made a significant impact in the lives of her patients.
Dr. Tinkel earned her medical degree with honors in 2000 from the Medical College of Ohio. She completed her residency and fellowship at the Medical College of Ohio as well, then began practicing as a cardiologist in 2006. Dr. Tinkel joined us here at Parkview in the summer of 2016. In 2022, Dr. Tinkel was awarded the University of Toledo Dean’s Award for AHEC Faculty Teaching Excellence.
Dr. Tinkel’s colleagues describe her as: compassionate, selfless, caring, kind, driven, dedicated, thoughtful, empathetic, inspiring, confident, reliable and supportive. The word “adventurous” was also mentioned a few times. ☺️
They also said that:
  • Dr. Tinkel makes people feel comfortable to ask questions, and she’s willing to explain things in-depth so patients and coworkers have a better understanding of testing and results.
  • Dr. Tinkel takes time to listen to patients, and is selfless when it comes to making sure patients are taken care of, even in her “off-time.”
  • Dr. Tinkel lives Parkview’s core values, and is an excellent mentor.
  • Dr. Tinkel is kind and empathetic; she shows compassion toward her patients and makes sure they are taken care of, even if it isn’t directly related to cardiology. She goes out of her way to make patients feel comfortable with their plan of care. It is an honor and privilege to work alongside one of Parkview’s best.
Thank you to Dr. Tinkel for living Parkview’s core values every day! Without a doubt, she is worthy of our Exceptional Provider Award! is moving!

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