The cancer program at Community Hospitals and Wellness Centers (CHWC) was presented with the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Commission on Cancer (CoC) for its accomplishments in 2018. CHWC is one of a select group of 24 U.S. accredited cancer programs—and the only cancer program in Ohio—to receive this national honor.

“Our goal is to make a difference in our patients’ lives. This award is validation that we are reaching that goal and that the work we do sets us apart as a top cancer program,” says Kim Owen, Director of Radiation Oncology at CHWC.

The purpose of the Outstanding Achievement Award is to encourage cancer programs to raise the bar on quality cancer care, with the ultimate goal of increasing awareness about high quality, patient-centered care. In addition, the award is intended to:

  • Recognize those cancer programs that achieve excellence meeting the CoC Standards
  • Motivate other cancer programs to work toward improving their level of quality cancer care
  • Facilitate dialogue between award recipients and health care professionals at other cancer facilities for the purpose of sharing best practices
  • Encourage honorees to serve as quality care resources to other cancer programs

CHWC’s cancer program was evaluated on 34 program standards categorized within five cancer program activity areas: program management, clinical services, continuum of care services, patient outcomes and data quality.

“We are proud to offer our community exceptional cancer care right here, no need to travel far or go to a big city. I can’t imagine the added stress of travel before or after chemo or radiation treatment. We can’t thank the community and local organizations enough for the support they provide us, our patients and their families,” Owen says.

Pictured above are members of the CHWC Cancer Committee.

Back row L to R: Dr. Michael Liu (General Surgeon/Colorectal Surgeon, Parkview Physicians Group), Michelle Clark (CHWC Social Services Director), Brenda Schofield (CHWC Patient Navigator), Kim Owen (CHWC Director of Radiation Oncology), Cathy Day (CHWC Compliance Director), Dr. Roger Kucway (Radiation Oncologist, Toledo Radiation Oncology), Pam Alpaugh (CHWC Radiology Director), Amy Boehm (American Cancer Society).

Front row, L to R: Kim Jerger (CHWC Surgical Services Director), Michelle Breitner (CHWC Tumor Registrar), Jan Martinez (CHWC Director of Nutrition Food Services), Dorothy Meyers (CHWC Oncology Supervisor), Dr. Shannon Keil (CHWC Pathologist).

Not pictured: Dr. Mahmoud Afifi (Medical Oncologist, Parkview Physicians Group), Dr. Michael Nosanov (CHWC Otolaryngology), Dr. Stenneth Adams (General Surgeon, Parkview Physicians Group), Kelly Colon (CHWC Patient Navigator), Charlene Mitschelen (CHWC Director of Therapy).