The “New Beginnings Birthing Center” is our obstetrics/maternity department at Bryan Hospital. Our nine large rooms accommodate our new mothers and their families throughout the hospital stay. Mothers will go through labor, delivery, recovery, and post-partum in the comfort of the same hotel like room.

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Childbirth is both an emotional and highly technical event. We strive to meet the emotional needs of the mother and to provide the highest quality services to ensure a safe delivery of every newborn.

Our goal is to keep our labor patients as comfortable as possible with the use of comfort measures, epidurals, birthing balls, and IV pain medication. We believe in family-centered care, and we are breastfeeding friendly to our patients.

Working with obstetricians, family practice physicians, and pediatricians, all our staff members are neonatal resuscitation certified and have completed the University of Virginia Perinatal Program. Several OB nurses are certified in inpatient obstetrical nursing.

Tours of our birthing center can be arranged by calling the OB Department in Bryan at 419-636-1131, ext. 14117. We are pleased to share our unit and our services with expectant mothers and their families. Tours are part of our Childbirth Education Program.